GNSS Interference

GNSS signals are exceptionally vulnerable to radio frequency interference which can happen by accident – think 

of an amateur radio operator broadcasting locally – but also occur intentionally by jamming and spoofing devices.

No matter the application, the stakes can be extremely high when GNSS signals are lost due to radio interference. 
This could mean a loss of position in cars, taxis, trucks or robotic vehicles, emergency response vehicles or even, 
construction machines, marine survey, drone inspection or even financial transaction synchronisation, food deli-

very or ride-sharing services.  Interference is not some new phenomenon but with the many markets - demanding 
reliable positioning - it has become a priority.

For more than 15 years Septentrio has been developing and perfecting unique interference mitigation techniques 
to address interference threats on GNSS. The countermeasures employed include adaptive notch filtering, pulse 
blanking, and unique wide band interference mitigation. Together, these measures along with other analogue and 
digital advancements form Septentrio’s AIM+ (Advanced Interference Mitigation) technology.

Download here: your free 20 pages GNSS interference brochure and find out how we can help you monitor 
and mitigate interference in your everyday work and life.

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