Sales Release Notification – PolaRx5/PolaRx5S/PolaRx5TR firmware 5.2.0

Septentrio is happy to announce the release of firmware 5.2.0 for the PolaRx5 product line.

The following new features have been added:

File management and data storage:
New SBF blocks (MEAS3) for log file size optimization
RTCM-MSM logging
NMEA logging
Increase of maximum number of simultaneous logging jobs to 40
External drives up to 128 GB are now supported

PRN extension for Galileo and QZSS
SBAS L5 with navbit structure autodetection
BeiDou tracking improvements
GLONASS L3 tracking improvements

Increased IT security:
Dropbear SSH Server upgrade

Enhanced ease-of use:
RINEX encoding when in static RTK for inter-station distance determination
Embedded caster now supports NTRIPv1
April 4, 2018

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