FieldGenius for Android™
FieldGenius for Android™

FieldGenius for Android™

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MicroSurvey brings decades of innovation and expertise in survey field software creation to our next generation multi-platform FieldGenius application.

Be among the first to join our MicroSurvey Technology innovation Group and help mold our FieldGenius for Android™ software.

Efficient and Intuitive
New technology opens opportunities to develop better tools for the survey industry. FieldGenius for Android™ extends MicroSurvey’s mission to provide a brand-neutral solution, supporting most common hardware available in the market today. Our map-driven data collection software is easy to use and intuitive, reducing training time. New data panels provide information that is synchronized to the maps display, which will be appreciated by both skilled and new employees. MicroSurvey has used its decades of experience in data collection as a guide, applying its knowledge to the android platform, and enhancing established workflows to be more efficient and intuitive. Downtime is expensive; you can leverage your existing FieldGenius skill set the next time you need to upgrade your equipment or switch manufacturers. MicroSurvey remains dedicated to consistency in the use of our data collection software, regardless of the device you choose to run it on.
Teaches itself

Project progress is easy to visualize in FieldGenius because all new work is displayed on the map as it is conducted; a quick review makes it easy to see points that are out of place. New slide-out panels displaying observation and point data provide key information at a glance, and an integrated details page is provided for further analysis. Instrument connections are laid out in logical steps, and once configured, can be reconnected with the touch of a button. The map screen drives all primary survey functionality, and objects can be selected from either the map or data panel with ease. Help resources are built-in to guide you through any process, and online training videos are available on any device with internet access. Try it yourself and see just how easy it is to get into FieldGenius.