SXBlue Premier RTK

SXBlue Premier RTK

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SXblue Premier GNSS receiver uses market-proven Pacific Crest Maxwell 6 technology (BD910 OEM board) to provide 220 channels and unmatched GNSS multi-constellation tracking performance, and makes effective use of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS signals for outstanding satellite coverage and highly precise positioning.

With its 10 cm × 10 cm × 3.5 cm size, light weight, compact and rugged design, Premier is the most cost-effective GNSS receiver on the market. Premier is equipped with dual mode for Bluetooth V2.1 and Bluetooth V4.0 ensuring the unit’s wireless communication with your PDA terminal. This unit can also work as on-board equipment, thereby greatly improving working efficiency and flexibility.

In addition, Premier can be used with a large variety of PDA mobile terminals and operating systems, such as Android, WINDOWS 10, as well as Windows mobile. Cell phones and tablets are the best data collectors for the SXblue PREMIER to connect to a network, improving flexibility for field work.
Together with mobile communication modules, Premier obtains faster corrections from the CORS network.



  • A5 platform, UI web server
    With its embedded Linux operating system, the Premier receiver is no longer a simple and compact RTK receiver, it is now a fully intelligent operating system with a web UI management platform. The smart internal web UI management platform allows users to monitor the receiver’s working status and configure the equipment using a WIFI or USB connection to a any smartphone or tablet (IOS compatible for Web interface only)
  • Wi-Fi
    According to current trends in RTK surveying, WiFi is the newest and most useful technology for RTK measurements that makes effective use of a GNSS receiver, thereby greatly improving working efficiency and flexibility. Premier’s WiFi is not only able to act as a WiFi hotspot, permitting users to connect to it and access its web UI management platform, but it can also work as a datalink, providing a quick connection to the internet to obtain corrections from the CORS network.
  • Bd910 or BD 930 equipped
    Equipped with an advanced 220-channel GNSS board, Premier can track signals from a GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or BEIDOU system.
  • Smart Storage
    With its smart storage technology, Premier is able to connect directly to an external storage unit to retrieve or download data.
  • Circular Storage
    The automatic circular storage performance can remove previous data automatically once the memory is full, which ensures the instrument has enough space for the following job.
  • Huge Internal Memory
    SXblue Premier is equipped with an 8GB Solid State Disk that provides enough storage space for data collection, and ensures stability for a high data sampling rate.
  • Outstanding Output
    Based on an intelligent platform, Premier supports STH, Rinex2.x and Rinex3.x data storage formats and a sampling rate of up to 20Hz.
  • Software:
    The field work software can work with the SXblue PREMIER, including GIStar for Android, EGStar, both of them being independently researched and developed by SXblue.

Furthermore, Carlson SurvCE, Microsurvey FieldGenius, Collector for ArcGIS and ArcPad ESRI will meet the users’ diverse need , combined with advanced functionality, highly graphical and intuitive messages, ease of use, and sheer data collection capabilities, making Premier more powerful and flexible.

  • Controller:
    Premier can work with a variety of PDA mobile terminals using different operating systems, such as Android and Windows mobile. Cell phones and tablets are the best data collectors for Premier to connect to a network, improving flexibility for field work.


Premier (GNSS) Premier II (RTK)
MotherBoard BD910 BD930
Channels 220 220
GPS L1 C/A L1 C/A,  L2C, L5
BDS B1 B1, B2
Galileo E1 E1, E5A, E5B, E5AltBOC
SBAS L1 C/A L1 C/A, L5
Accuracy (RMS)
Autonomous Horizontal: 2.5m Horizontal: 2.5m
DGNSS Horizontal:0.25m+1ppm Horizontal:0.25m+1ppm
Vertical: 0.50m+1ppm Vertical: 0.50m+1ppm
SBAS Horizontal: 0.50m Horizontal: 0.50m
Vertical: 0.85m Vertical: 0.85m
RTK (Single Baseline RTK <30km) Horizontal: 0.008m+1ppm
Vertical: 0.015m+1ppm
Acquisition Specifications
Update Rate 1Hz-20Hz
Cold Start <45s
Warm Start <30s
Reacquisition <2s
Data Interface Mini USB2.0
Bluetooth Bluetooth V2.1/ Bluetooth V4.0, support EDR
WIFI 802.11 b/g standard
Data Storage and Transmission
Memory 8GB SSD (Solid State Disk) internal memory
Static data format Binary, Rinex2.x, Rinex3.x
Sampling rate 1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz,10Hz, 20Hz
Navigation output NMEA-0183, Trimble GSOF
I/0 Protocol CMR, CMR+, sCMRx, RTCM 2.x,RTCM 3.0,RTCM 3.1,RTCM 3.2
Battery 6800mAh, Li-ion battery built in, 3.7V
Battery life Typically 8 hrs or more Typically 7 hrs or more
Operating temperature -30°C- +65°C
Storage temperature -35°C- +75°C
Operating humidity 5%- 95% R.H. non-condensing
Shockproof Withstand drop from 1.5m to concrete
Waterproof/Dustproof IP67
Compliance FCC
Dimensions(mm) 115(L) X 115(W) X 40(H)
Weight 500g (with battery)
Include in the box GNSS receiver, Soft Case, USB cable, Holder for pole, Charger
Remarks: Depends on environment, sky obstruction, multipath, number of satellites in view, satellite geometry, baseline length (for local services) and ionospheric activities.
Specifications subject to change without prior notice.